The Messiah….. Imran khan

The play boy of 80s and early 90s; Imran Khan was truly an inspirational figure for people of Pakistan. His charismatic look coupled with great playing ability, earned him a place in the hearts of cricket lovers of Pakistan, and why not? He is the only captain to date who brought them the first ever Cricket World cup trophy.

After Successful completion of his Cricket career Mr. Khan decided to try out his luck in Politics of Pakistan: an abusive and no go area for people of his class, nonetheless it didn’t turned out to be as successful as expected, the rule of this game was totally different from what he used to off! No third umpire and No ICC kind of body to keep a check n balance on the “screwed players”… this is politics!!! Politics of Pakistan and It requires more than just hitting a century or grabbing couple of wickets.

Till 2008 he did some blunders, supporting Pervaiz Musharaf’s referendum and lacking that “Maturity” that is required surviving in the political arena, but suddenly in 2011, the man who boycotted the 2008 election out of fear of getting a blow on the nose in terms of votes, is now appearing to be the biggest opposition of the mainstream political forces; PPP and PML-N. People of Pakistan have not witnessed such enthusiastic crowds that he is now started organizing in the name of “Change”, counting on the same slogan that brought Mr. Obama in the Office.

Early 2012 was the time he peaked in his political career with thousand of youth in his rallies and talk shows and you name it!!! But towards the end of the year and beginning of 2013 the Popularity of Tsunami khan started diminishing. No more gigantic rallies. I personally doubt such a transition can happen without “someone” first helping and then pulling their helping hand back, I mean who can ignore the Pakistani Establishment; the most famous and ever thirsty of ruling the country directly or indirectly, those who once counted on Mr. Tsunami were now extending hand towards another person Mr. Sheikh-ul-Islam aka Tahirul Qadri.

Any how the current situation is all those who really wanted to win in the upcoming elections and rule for another term  are making efforts to materialize their dreams, new alliances for seat adjustment are hatching up, I mean why not?? a dirty game is played by dirty rules, but Mr. Khan on the other hand thinks that he doesn’t need any one else to ensure victory, he can just simply sweep in the upcoming election. Now I may be naive but I think you can’t just outrun PPP and  PML-N straight away, they have spend years in earning solid vote bank. The next government surely will going to be another coalition, but Khan has said straight away that he will not going to sit with these corrupt politician in the parliament!!! I mean is he hoping to win 2/3 majority straightaway?? Now another fact here is that recent Senate elections has brought PPP and PML-N again to the seats, they will be there for three more years, now Pakistan being a bicameral legislation country requires both senate and parliament to agree on any law for it to become operational, hypothetically even if Khan wins 2/3 majority how will he going to coup with Senators with whom he don’t want to sit even?

My whole idea of writing is that every game is played according to its rules, Politics of Pakistan can be compared to a gutter, one wishing to clean a gutter has to go down in it, standing on the manhole and shouting on the dirt would not going to clean it, like wise you have to play politics if you really want to do something for this nation, grow from within the ranks and then bring about the change you desire, Vladimir Putin is a speaking example of it. I personally want to try a new face in politics in coming elections, so do plenty other young fellows!! But winning is just not enough, surviving is what I am talking about here and that exactly what matters, and that what he should be focusing at, time is running for him, he should better come up with a strategy for long term survival !!!!


3 thoughts on “The Messiah….. Imran khan

  1. بھئی میرے خان نے دو ہزار آٹھ کی الیکشن میں جس وجہ سے شرکت نہیں کی وہ کوئی اور وجہ تھی مجھے آپ سے امید ہے کہ وہ آپ خود لکھیں گے

    اور اس بلاگ کے بعد ایکشن ہوا اس کا حال احوال بھی لکھو حضور والا

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