Knesset vs White House

Uncle Sam has always been accused of Being a “One night Stander”, and his past relation with countries like Pakistan, Iraq and many other Asian and African states justify this claim. But one nation whom uncle Sam has accepted as his bride till Rapture is no doubt…. Ladies & Gentleman …. The Israel !!!

Do you accept Israel as your bride till God tear apart this universe….??? asked the father!!!
I do … I do… I  do…!! replied smiling uncle Sam.

Since then the pro zionist lobby has tried its level best to keep this relation intact either through AIPAC or by any other means of donations !!!  Anyhow Israel is right in not disappointing her bridegroom; uncle sam .. I mean who don’t want the super power to back it and save it from sanctions and Isolation.

“Two  pots placed together will someday collide”

And that is what happened during Obama Re-election campaign , whereby Mr. bibi aka Netanyahu gambles on Mr. Mormon aka Mitt Romney…… but the gamble failed….. and white house welcomed Mr. not white aka Obama again for 4 years terms. Now Obama will not forget whom netanyahu supported during  elections, and  as a pay back he might don’t visit Tel aviv in near future!!


But elections in the promised land has brought  centrist in the knesset too (Surely something that Uncle Sam wanted)  along with netanyahu for his second term!!!

Anyhow what all are eyeing at is whether the marriage is in its rough time or does the new government in White house and new members of Knesset will patch thing quickly. As they have a lot of issues waiting for them to be discussed which include Ahmadinejad’s atomic bomb and new settlements in E1 west bank.


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